Home additions and building renovations from Brisbane-based IRenovate are in a class of their own

We’re a friendly, family-run and highly experienced in quality home improvements, extensions and renovations company based in Brisbane since 1991 that have been managing professional home renovations projects throughout South East Queensland.

Run by owner/operator Ken Marshall, we’ve built our reputation as a skilled, dedicated, and approachable firm of home improvement specialists. We’ll be your on-site project manager and supervise your job from start to finish, include all additional services and labour, and arrange all the necessary permits and approvals as they become due.

Read comments from some of our satisfied clients here!

We’ve now made the whole process of obtaining a home renovation costs estimate simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Simply fill in our unique interactive Renovation Estimation Form, and depending on your proposed schedule, Ken will visit you and will give you a detailed breakdown of your home extensions costs. You’re now well on the way to enjoying the smoothest of makeovers and your dream home renovation experience.

You’ll be kept in the loop every single step of the way through your home extensions and improvements. We very much value your input – we never lose sight of the fact that this is not just a job, this is your home.

We care about all the fine details of your project. We won’t rest until your home renovations are completed to your total satisfaction. Ken’s aim is to make your home renovation project as simple, smooth and problem-free as possible. He achieves this by seamlessly liaising with all the different trades that are necessary to complete the makeover of your home. Precise timing is essential on all home extension projects.

We are happy to provide contact details of our many satisfied customers so you can be assured of using one of the most trustworthy and experienced brisbane home renovations companies.

Call us on (07) 3300 1750 to arrange a meeting, or use our online Renovation Estimation Form for an instant estimation. Alternatively, feel free to email us at info@irenovate.com.au.

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